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Swimming Pool

We strive to make every visit to our pool an enjoyable one, whether you are a member of our gym, or a pay as you go customer bring your family for a swim.   We have a number of different sessions to suit all ranging from adult only, to fun splash sessions for the children.


Adult Swim                  £4.00           
Junior Swim                 £2.00           
Under 5s                     Free
Family Swim                £11.00         (2 Adults & up to 4 children)
Parent & Toddler        £3.80           (1 Adult & 1 under 5)
Little Swimmers           £2.50           (1 Adult & 1 under 5) Friday's 1.30pm-2.30pm
Pool Inflatable             £5.00           (See timetable)


We offer access and changing facilities for disabled users. Access to the Large pool is gained by using the hoist system. For more information on this please contact reception who will be happy to help.

Pool Admission Policy

An adult of 16 years or over, who is a competent swimmer, must accompany all children under the age of eight. Please see below ratios.

        Large Pool
        1 adult: 2 children (4-7yrs)
        1 adult: 1 child (under 4yrs)

        Small Pool
        1 adult: 3 children (4-7yrs)
        1 adult: 1 child (4-7yrs) + 1 child(under 4)
        1 adult: 2 children (under 4 yrs)

For more information, click here.

Dress Code

We require all our swimmers to wear costumes, trunks or swim shorts in the pool at all times. Unfortunately shorts below the knee are not permitted in the pool. Snorkels and flippers are not permitted.

Code of Conduct

We ask all our customers to follow our code of conduct.  Our rules enable all customers to have a good time - safely.   View our Swimming Pool Code of Conduct.

Pre-Swim Hygiene

Having a good pre-swim hygiene routine is very important as it keeps the pool clean and safe to use for all our customers. It also means we have to add less chemicals to the water which makes the water fresher and more comfortable.

Make sure you are doing your bit:

Why are pools closed?

Sometimes people have 'accidents' in swimming pools. This can include babies with poorly fitting nappies, excitable children who cannot wait to get to the toilet and people who feel unwell. These 'accidents' can result in pool closures that can take anything from 1 hour to 27 hours, depending on the type of 'accident' and level of cleaning needed. There is a possibility that somebody who has been unwell, including upset stomachs or diarrhoea, could bring in a bug called cryptosporidium.

Our supervising and managing staff are trained to assess the situation and understand the level of cleaning needed for each situation.

You can help reduce closures! Click here to read more and learn how you can help prevent these types of closures!

Oulder Hill Leisure Complex

Hudson's Walk, Rochdale, OL11 5EF

Tel: 01706 716680

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